Information on ticket selection

Subject overview
Seating chart booking
In seating chart booking, you personally select the exact number of seats you want, using the graphic seating chart. Start seating chart booking and decide on an area. Here you can select seats by clicking on them. Some events do not offer seating chart booking. Please note that places in the stalls are not separated by a corridor.
Available seats booking
To find the best available seats please choose a category and the number of seats you would like to purchase. Within that category our system will find the best available seats for you. Numbered seats are usually next to each other. If your computer has problems with Java, the best available seats will be chosen for you automatically.
Free seat selection
This means that you can freely select your seat using your ticket in accordance with local conditions.
Seat or standing room depending on availability
Under certain circumstances, standing room tickets will be offered at the same price as seated places. Unfortunately, any requests regarding standing room tickets or seat tickets cannot be taken into account. It is not possible to exchange the tickets provided.
Please note abbreviations: »Stehpl.« = standing room, »Hörer« and »Partitur« = seat without view, only for listening.
Seats with restricted view
When booking tickets, please note that the view from lateral seats on the balcony re. the galleries may be restricted. Price categories depend on the quality of visibility.
No longer deliverable
This means that the event will take place shortly and ticket delivery is no longer possible. Please pick up the tickets at the box office »Abholung der Karten« or choose »TicketDirekt«.
Only one ticket can be selected / single seat
This means that only indvidual seats (no consecutive seats) can be booked in the relevant category using best seat booking. Single seats are scattered remaining seats. Even if a large number of seats is available, these will not be located next to each other. Adjacent seats might still be available using seating chart booking.
Please keep in mind that all »TicketDirekt« tickets require personalization (name, first name and date of birth of the visitor). Only personalized tickets in combination with a valid ID will be accepted as entrance tickets and/or tickets for the Munich public transport MVV.
For further information, please contact or call us: phone +49.89 21 85 19 20