TicketDirekt – print@home

If you select “TicketDirekt” as shipping option you can print out the ticket directly on your printer at home.

At the end of your purchase the ticket is made available to you as pdf-file. In order to print the ticket you require Acrobat Reader by Adobe ©, which can be downloaded for free under http://www.adobe.com/ in case you do not have it installed on your computer yet.

If you have entered a valid e-mail address the ticket is also sent to you as pdf-file.

When the ticket is displayed at the end, we recommend that you print out the ticket immediately and subsequently save the file to your hard disk using Adobe Reader which ensures you can print it out again should this become necessary. Please protect the ticket print from moisture and contamination.

Please keep in mind that all TicketDirekt tickets require personalization. Please fill in all fields on the personalization mask that are marked with a “*”. Only personalized tickets in combination with a valid ID will be accepted as tickets for the Munich Public Transport MVV. This information will not be saved in our system.